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^Photo credit: Vincent Tseng

X Miss Americas is a mix of blues, country and rock-n-roll. Ab can be found singing, sliding and jiving with X Miss America's thoughout the Southeast.

Driven by passion, country singer/songwriter Ab the Flagman’s rootsy, yet velvety, baritone twang takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride. A multitalented artist, Ab expresses feelings through words and music like no other. Yet his haunting, longing tones are reminiscent of the old style southern Memphis greats -- with an occasional smattering of Native American Indian influence.

Ab’s writing style, strongly inspired by country music from the 1950s-70s, transports one on a cross-country ride – from the lonely familiarity of unrequited love to a tongue-in cheek look at the journey from domestic bliss to misery – from hanging out in honky-tonks to experiencing the freedom of the open road. The emotions of American people – of all people -- are the songs of Ab the Flagman.

Like many vocalists, the Moneagle, Tennessee native (born in 1964 as Roger Lee Ivens) began singing at his community Baptist church when only six years old. At the age of fourteen, he began writing music and playing guitar.Taking inspiration from his surroundings, the media and within his own heart, Ab considers songwriting a constructive way to channel ideas and reactions to the world around him. The seeds Ab planted as a musician has produced regional success through the release of two prior CD’s: X-Miss Americas (Second Heaven Records, 2000) and Freedom and Justice (Flagman Records/Southern Tracks Records, 2002).

A tenured live entertainer, Ab the Flagman’s energetic, soul felt live performances include billings with acts such as the Indigo Girls, Widespread Panic and Blackfoot. Although his songs are country Americana, Ab the Flagman’s music crosses over aptly to appreciative audiences of multiple genres.

Ab's artistic success has come with a personal price – one that could have ruined his career as an artist and musician. An accident with a table saw severed and partially dismembered the middle and ring fingers on his left hand. Instead of giving up playing guitar in the face of this catastrophe, he re-learned his craft. To do so necessitated he revise his methodology -- the results of which became a signature slide playing sound. Ironically, what initially appeared a setback, proved a blessing musically.

X Miss Americas is an eclectic mix of Americana. With fellow friends and musicians, Ab has always enjoyed entertaining and hopes to continue performing for many years to come.

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^Photo credit: Vincent Tseng

^Photo credit: Vincent Tseng
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