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Ab the Flagman has been creating art most of his life. His interest in flags was sparked at a young age at his father's military burial, igniting Ab's self-taught career of transforming found objects (mostly wood) into red, white and blue works of art.

Known as "The Flagman" for over nine years, Ab creates flags in all shapes and sizes, from three-dimensional forms to flags in the shape of the United States. His abstract vision of such an infinite symbol is what gives his pieces power. (His nickname, "Ab," is short for "Abstract.") Recently, he has taken his vision and unique style a step beyond the American flag to other commanding icons, including the eagle, Statue of Liberty and mythological Atlas.

Ab's art has dominated the outsider art scene and received several awards at
Southeastern art festivals. His works have been featured in many national and international galleries - including Art 54 Gallery in New York and Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta (his hometown). He is also one of a select few artists chosen to decorate the House of Blues in various cities across the country.

Ab's works are enduring images of American culture. In fact, Ab - who is also a singer, songwriter, musician and filmmaker - prefers the title of "culture maker" to artist. To him, "culture exists in the arts."

A frugal, creative man who’s interesting modern-primitive folk art is often derived from discarded objects found in abandoned, once burgeoning, mills and factories, Ab the Flagman has become a nationally celebrated folk artist whose work often garners between four and five figures per piece.

His eclectic Americana styled wood-works and paintings have been the rage at New York galleries, embellished magazine covers, the New Britain Museum of American Art, House of Blues in Orlando, Texas State University, and graced a multitude of private and public shows along the east coast and mid-west. Expanding beyond the flag motif, his works have expanded to include life size Indians, eagles, intricate sculptures of American Presidents at historical significant sites, and symbolic works incorporating cityscapes and the plight of early settlers.

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